Monday, October 27, 2008

So...we move on to plan B - the post office

Well, we learned a couple weeks ago that we won't be reimbursed for moving expenses until Jim's first day at JPAC. We had been under the impression that we were going to be able to use military movers (or government-approved movers) and that cost would simply be deducted from the amount we are being granted for relocation. Not so. This would not be that big of a deal, except for the very high cost of shipping stuff from NW Ohio to the middle of the Pacific Ocean. We got some quotes and they ranged from $12,000 to about $6,000, and that's with us leaving most of the big furniture behind. Well, as you can imagine, we don't have that kind of money available to us at the moment. All that we have saved up to this point has to get us an apartment (first months rent and deposit), all of our utilities set up, plus cover all of our bills for a good month (or more for me). So - no moving company for us! We are going to try to sell most of our furniture, store some of our books at my mom's, and then ship the rest via parcel post through the U.S. Post Office. Yep. That ought to be interesting. This is complicated by the fact that we won't have an actual address until after we leave. Not so much fun at all. Part of the price of living in paradise, I guess. We are going to ship my car out, however. That expence we can put on my credit card, and pay it off once we recieve the reimbursement check.

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