Friday, September 5, 2008

My new camera baby

So I have been saving up the funds so that I could purchase a new point-and-shoot compact camera. My old Canon, as much as I loved it (and it is still working great), is only 3mp, and just not doing enough. And I love my super-zoom/SLR-wannabe Sony, but it's big and heavy, and I don't always want to lug the thing around with me, hence my search for the perfect compact camera.

After much research and debate I went with the Canon PowerShot SD870 IS. Love it! I love the wide angle lens, and it does superb in low-light situations with very little noise (so far). I've only had it for about a week, so I don't really have exciting pictures to share yet, but I will post some after this weekend.

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sheila said...

Hi Becky -- I love your blog! Thanks for posting the details about your camera. I'm thinking a new camera will make a good 30th birthday/Christmas gift, so I will have to check this one out! :)