Friday, September 5, 2008

September Already?

Yes, indeed it is. I can hardly believe that it is September (and that I will be 30 in a week)! School has started for both Jim and I. Jim is teaching two classes this semester, and I am taking two more grad classes for my MLIS degree.

I finally found a place for us to stay for a week after our arrival on Oahu. We are both hoping that it will only take us a week to find someplace to live... Anyway, since hotels on the island are very much not pet-friendly (and really expensive to boot) I decided that we needed to look at a vacation rental. After much searching for places that allow pets, we finally secured a nice condo in Waikiki through the website Vacation Rentals By Owner

Other than that, the move process has pretty much stalled out. We can't yet start a serious apartment search because we are so far out. And because Jim won't get information on approved moving companies until December (!), we are stuck as far as progress in that area as well.


CR said...

What, you're moving to Hawaii? That is so exciting. I know another Alma grad that's in Hawaii, Christine Murphy - she's on facebook! Now that I know your blog I'll keep up with it!

Becky said...

I'll have to look her up!