Sunday, December 28, 2008

Boxes and packing and too much stuff

We're nearing zero-hour for the big move. My goal is to have everything packed tonight, and spend tomorrow cleaning. Good lawd, but we have too much stuff! We're mailing out a few boxes of stuff before we leave, and have a bunch to be sent later. Thankfully my mom is willing to store the stuff we don't want sent out to us right away. I'd share a picture of my apartment, but it is a disaster area right now. Total chaos. As a side note we used CraigsList for the first time, and have actually managed to sell most of our furniture. Makes me happy, and having the extra cash will really help a lot. We're checking out of the apartment on Tuesday, and leaving for Chicago that day. Our flight for LAX leaves Wed. afternoon. Then, on Thursday, we leave for Honolulu.

My biggest stressor at the moment is traveling with the cats. The trial run with the kitty relaxer stuff did not go well at all - the cats were most assuredly not relaxed. Have an appointment with the vet tomorrow - hopefully he has some better kitty drugs.

Probably won't post again until we get to Honolulu...

Please wish us luck!


Michael & Amie said...

Wow! I can't believe you are almost on your way. Best of luck that everything goes smoothly!!

Kate said...

Best of luck, good luck with the cats.