Friday, January 16, 2009

We have internet access!

Yea! We finally have Internet access! Thank goodness - I start classes Tuesday. However, we are now experiencing spotty power outages due to extremely high wind gusts (60+) today, tonight and into tomorrow. They've actually closed beaches on the North Shore and Leeward side of the island, as well as a couple on the Windward side (where we are). And, they have closed all public schools, already tonight, for tomorrow. UH-Manoa and lots of private schools are also closed (on all the islands).

So - the plan is to catch up on this blog tomorrow - so long as I have power!


Jay said...

Hi Becky,
Glad to see you made it. I will keep track of the Smoke and Fire for you back here. The temperature here today is a wopping 2 above as a high, the low was -17.
Keep blogging. I want to here how things go.
Jay in Tiffin.

Kate said...

Hooray for Internet access!! Boo for high winds. Can't wait to hear more.