Monday, November 24, 2008

Less than 40 days before we move

With less than 40 days to go, the reality of our move to Oahu is starting to sink in. Not that we haven’t been working and planning for and rejoicing in our upcoming move, because we certainly have (and I think people are tired of hearing us talk about it). It is just hard to wrap my mind around the idea that 38 days from now I am going to be on an island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean – an island that will be “home,” at least for a little while. The prospect of our move is both exciting and terrifying, and a little sad. It’s exciting because – well, it’s Hawaii! It’s terrifying because of just how far away Hawaii is from everything, and because I am going to be unemployed for who knows how long. And it’s a little sad because I am going to miss my friends and family. There will be no car trips to go visit friends and family; any trip home is going to be a major event (and majorly expensive, too).

Any time I get bummed out about leaving Ohio, all I have to do is think about this:

From Ohio

From Ohio

Snow! And it was this dark at 5pm, as I was leaving work. Nope - I won't miss the snow at all!

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Kate said...

I think it will be such a neat opportunity for you two and you'll be back, right? Make the best of it, enjoy the beautiful weather, and you'll find a job. Odd suggestion, but have you looked into teaching online education? I Have a lot of friends that started doing that when they moved around with their military spouses and it seemed to work out well. And you have the education for it.